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Sharing Business Success Stories

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Trending Today on Fox Business recently featured business leaders and lifestyle Innovators disrupting the marketplace with products and technologies at home and work.

Find out how artists at Ink Factory draw attention to business presentations and complex concepts, making ideas easy to understand with pictures. “Our brains process visuals 60 thousand times faster than text because our brains evolved before written language. By using the visual language that Ink Factory has developed, we can help people understand things quickly,” says Dusty Folkwarczny, Co-Founder and CEO of the women-owned small business based in Chicago, Illinois.

Stirista helps companies connect with the right customers to maximize marketing dollars. “We have data sets that we utilize to help companies make their data better, or we take our data and help companies find people that might be interested in their products,” says AJ Gupta, CEO of Stirista. Based in San Antonio, Texas, the company makes headlines for its sophisticated, highly targeted data solutions that help companies identify their ideal customer profiles and target those prospects.

Lawyer April Arslan recognized marketing challenges in both the law profession and the food and beverage industry, so she developed a client-customer-service matching platform for each. Law-Whiz is an online site that connects lawyers with clients across the globe. I-Whiz puts buyers and suppliers together to do business locally or globally. Both intuitive platforms operate globally out of sister companies based in Australia and streamline marketing and sourcing tasks.

Jackson Hedden, an industrial design firm, takes a forward-looking approach to product design to outlast the traditional lifespan of products. “We believe in not just making products but making a future for our clients’ products. We design products that make you stop and think. If we cause a thought, we have done our job,” says Hedden. The company, based in Birmingham, Alabama, offers product design, branding, and manufacturing management. Hedden was recognized with an Inc. 500 award and has worked with many famous name brands, including Gillette, Lego, Lamborghini, and 3M.

Better Air, based in New York City, is bringing a paradigm-shifting technology to market with the world’s first air and surface purifier using probiotics. Successful entrepreneur Richard Miller founded Better Air to advance his humanitarian efforts and improve people’s health and wellbeing. “I’m a firm believer that money must have a specific purpose, and simply accumulating it as a social trophy makes no sense. We are put here on this earth to help each other, which is why I got involved with Better Air,” says Miller, who donates 100 percent of his profits to charity. Better Air works to rid indoor environments of allergens, toxins, molds, microbes, and other pollutants by diffusing probiotic droplets up to 800 square feet. The company calls The Biotica 800 air diffuser “an immune system for your home.”

Edited by Maryssa Gordon, Senior Editor, Price of Business Digital Network

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