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Mini Excavators by Kubota

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Economic improvements globally have resulted in a rapid expansion within the sphere of the construction industry that in turn has caused the demand for heavy construction machines/ equipment to peak. This demand is particularly visible due to the rise in the establishment of small construction units or independent D.I.Y home improvement enthusiasts which accounts for the biggest sector for the construction market.

This market trend has triggered heavy machinery manufacturers such as Kubota to respond to market needs which has allowed the company to move ahead in terms of market position and establish market leadership. The strategic approach taken by Kubota was based on identifying the niche areas of the market and developing the niche demand laterally with mainstream market application which resulted in a ‘demand boom’ for mini excavators due to the practicality and cost effectiveness of the mini excavator that are generally made available on rentals for smaller and more abundant construction projects.

The growth of the mini excavator and excavator hire market for Kubota is directly attributed to the rapid response by Kubota towards market demand by mobilisation of their entire engineering faculty towards rendering their mini excavator range to become more reliable, practical, cost effective and flexible. In comparison to competitors Takeuchi, Bobcat, Caterpillar, the design and practical application of Kubota mini or compact excavators offer much more despite the fact that these competitors have their own set of admirable qualities associated with their mini excavators.

For example the Kubota KX040, KX080, U17 or the K008 mini excavator series come with features that are exclusive and inimitable which includes the adjustable track width allowing these Kubota excavators to be managed in narrow places easily and the fact that this can be done with a flick of a switch makes them all the more practical to be used in small scale construction projects.

Even the cab designs of the KX080 and the U17 mini excavator gives the operators of these compact excavators a better view of whatever it is that they are working on which enhances the safety level of the machine quite significantly. Nothing was left to chance as even the positions of the control monitors are aligned towards minimising glare and reflection and positioned in such a way that the operators have easy access to them regardless of how they adjust their seats.

Kubota excavators are indeed perfect for small scale landscaping projects or home renovations/ home improvement projects as they not only reduce the overall cost of the projects, but also speed up the entire process. Most small scale construction companies choose to use mini excavator hire services, based on the fact that buying these machines for one of projects would not justify the cost/ profit ratio, mini excavators for rent are the most feasible answer for small independent construction projects that have generally lower budgets.

The practicality of using mini excavators for projects in place of raw labour is evident in terms of cost and time and using Kubota excavators only increases the smooth execution of the entire project from every aspect.

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