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Where People are Moving in 2022

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New York, Connecticut, and Florida are the nation’s five fastest growing states, but no one is sure what will happen next. These states’ population increases are fueled by immigration, sun-seeking retirees (in Florida’s case), and tech companies, as well as middle-class families. However, several states are experiencing a decline (at least in certain areas), including Illinois, New Jersey, and even Texas (in the largest cities). While the USA’s five fastest-growing states are expected to increase, some states have declined dramatically. For example, a city in Texas could experience a two-thirds increase in population in seven years.

Texas and Florida ranked first in the U-Haul truck traffic growth study from 2016 to 2019. These two states gained the largest percentage of one-way truck customers over three years. However, Florida surpassed Texas last year, moving up 21 spots from 36th place to No. 15. Florida, Arizona, and Colorado followed suit as the second and third-fastest-growing states in 2022. North Carolina and Nevada rounded out the top ten. However, as self-moving continues to migrate to the Southeast, these five states could be among the fastest-growing.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the fastest-growing states in 2022 will be primarily in the West and South. For example, top-ranked Utah gained almost half a million people in two years and grew by nearly two hundred thousand people a year. Despite these differences, the growth rates of the fastest-growing states were more than three times the median growth rate nationwide. Fast-growing states are typically those with an increasing labor force, which drives economic activity and tax revenue.

Although Texas is the nation’s fourth-fastest-growing state, Arizona is currently the fourteenth-fastest-growing state by population. Last year, it grew by 1.7%, more than double the national population growth rate of 0.7%. Arizona has been a hotbed for U-Haul customers. The fast-growing state is a great place to move your family or business. And the people who live there are likely to be your friends and family.

According to the census bureau, Florida’s population is projected to increase by 14.6% in the next decade. That may be why it is the number one choice for retirees and families. Meanwhile, Washington is the prettiest state in the Pacific Northwest, boasting incredible natural settings and an economy that is booming. And the state is also known for its strong school systems. With its moderate cost of living and low unemployment rate, it’s no wonder it’s growing so rapidly. The state has taken a hit in recent years though.

The state of Nevada is also booming. With an increase of 3.4% from 2016 to 2017, Nevada’s population is a great place to live. The low cost of living and bright weather all year round makes it a great destination for a vacation or a move. The state of Nevada has been one of the fastest-growing states for many years, which is good news for travelers who want to live in the state. The next time you plan to visit the west, check out Nevada.

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