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Does Article Forge Really Produce Professional Content?

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We produce content, lots of content, and are always looking for great resources to provide quality information in a timely and affordable manner.  We have played with many AI-generated article programs and most of them have been either a disaster in quality, too expensive, or both.

Finally, Article Forge gave us an offer we cannot refuse and decided to give it a shot.  This is what we learned about Article Forge and our assessment of the utility, quality, and value of the program.


First the basics

This software can help you write articles for your website and increase your content production by using a unique AI-powered article writer. It can automate the writing process, produce high-quality content, and integrate with Copyscape. Read on to learn more about how Article Forge can help you. You can use it for free or as an affiliate link. Both methods will earn you a 25% commission on subscriptions. The software includes graphs and media pack for promotion.


AI-powered article writer

If you are looking for a way to increase your content production, you may want to consider an AI-powered article writer for Article Forge. This program will produce articles for you in just a few minutes – you just have to specify the headline, title, keywords, and the topic. After that, the writer will start working and produce unique, readable content. In addition to being 100% unique, these articles are also SEO-friendly and include citations for each point. Moreover, they provide you with a full value for your  money, thereby helping you increase your revenue.


Automates writing process

To start writing your content, simply enter a keyword into the Article Forge tool and press the ‘New Article’ button. The tool will then generate content for you based on the keyword. You can also specify the length of your content, as well as including sub-keywords. Then, style your content with the included templates. Moreover, you can customize the output with optional meta-data, such as sub-headings and location.


Produces high-quality content

As mentioned, Article Forge is an article-generator that uses artificial intelligence to produce content for you. Simply input your keyword phrase, length of the article and headlines, and then watch the tool produce high-quality content for your website in approximately 60 seconds. Article Forge is available monthly and annually and accepts numerous payment methods.


Integrates with Copyscape

Whether you’re trying to improve the content quality on your blog, or simply want to avoid copycats, Copyscape can help. With this platform, you can instantly check whether a piece of writing is original. And since Copyscape is completely free, you don’t have to pay a single cent to use it. There are three different levels of checks you can perform using Copyscape. In addition, you can perform a Full Comparison whenever you click on a result in the web interface. And since the algorithm evaluates the meaning and the number of Full Comparisons you can perform depends on the amount of content that you want to check, you can also set the c parameter to one to ten. You can use this number to prioritize the longest snippets from the Initial Check.


Offers free trial

If you’d like to increase your content production, then consider signing up for Article Forge’s free trial. You can easily create unique, SEO-optimized articles with just a few clicks. You can also choose between Tier 1 and Tier 2 content options and use nested syntax to make your articles more readable. You can even get a link to your affiliate link for further promotion.


Our candid assessment

In the end, our thought is that we would have greatly benefited from signing up for this program several years ago when we first heard about it.  At the very least, after 3.0 when the program made a substantial leap in the quality of the finished articles.

There is a learning curve in this program, like there is in any new technology.  Early on, our articles were uneven, but even at their “worst” they gave us enough to work with to complete them very quickly. Over time (days, not weeks or months), however, the user will become more competent using the prompts and before long have articles that require virtually no editing. 

It is very smart to become familiar with the many tutorials to help one fast track their understanding. Particularly the video on “best practices.” 

With the money back guarantee and the free trial period, signing up is a great idea for anyone serious about content.

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