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Is Your Breakfast Harming Your Hearing?

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We love loud music, pounding from our car speakers, surround sound at the theater and rock concerts.  The louder, the better.  And yes, mom said to turn it down so we don’t go deaf.  But since we’re invincible, we don’t listen.


Hearing loss is gradual, it’s probably already happening when we are least expecting it.


According to the CDC, the average blender is 70 decibels to 80 decibels loud. This is as loud as a vacuum cleaner or a garbage disposal. Long exposure to sounds 75 decibels or louder can cause permanent ear damage. These home appliances are loud because of the high level of power (noise) that comes from the motor.


7 Tips For Preventing Hearing Loss: 

It is difficult to completely prevent hearing loss from happening, but there are things you can do to keep it from getting worse.  Protecting our senses is part of living a balanced life.  There are many aspects to our wellbeing, as well as advocating for yourself.  You can check out my other lifestyle commentaries in the archive below.

One of the best ways to protect your hearing is to avoid loud noise. Exposure to loud sounds, like those from a concert or the sound of jackhammers, can damage your ears and cause hearing loss over time.

Wearing earplugs is the most effective way to reduce the exposure you receive from loud sounds and prevent hearing loss. You can also use a sound level meter to check how much noise you’re exposed to.

Avoiding noise is the easiest and most effective way to prevent hearing loss, but it’s important to be aware of other sources of exposure, too.


1. Avoiding loud music

Taking in too much loud music can damage your ears, especially when you listen to it over headphones. Using earplugs and asking others to turn down the volume are two simple steps you can take to prevent this kind of hearing loss.  

2. Avoiding noisy environments

Whether you’re at home, in the car, or in public spaces, it’s easy to fall victim to loud noise. But it’s not just the sounds of music that can harm your ears — a busy street, fireworks, or even a noisy restaurant can all be harmful to your hearing over time.  Think about your hair dryer you use daily and your vacuum cleaner.

3. Keeping your blood pumping

Exercise improves your overall health, and it’s good for your ears. Plus, it keeps your heart healthy and helps to lower blood pressure.

4. Don’t eat too much junk food

A diet full of fast foods, sweets and sugary drinks is one of the top causes of hearing loss. Increasing your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help you stay healthy and avoid developing hearing problems.

5. Preventing high stress levels

Stress is another major risk factor for hearing loss. Managing stress is important, and it’s easier to do so by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein.

6. Keeping your ears clean

A buildup of earwax can block the passage of sound waves into your ear. Regularly removing earwax with an at-home irrigation kit, not cotton swabs can help.

7. Getting a hearing test

You may not have considered a hearing test before, but it’s important to get one. A hearing test will allow your audiologist to see if you’re at risk for hearing loss and can help you manage any issues that arise.

8. Avoiding medications that can harm your ears

There are about 200 drugs that can damage your hearing, including some antibiotics and some cancer-fighting medications. Some of these medications are ototoxic, meaning they can damage the hair cells in your ears. Other common medications that can be ototoxic include loop diuretics, which are often prescribed to treat kidney or heart disease; aspirin, which is taken in large doses; and certain chemotherapy drugs.

Taking time to protect your hearing now is an excellent way to set yourself up for a clear, enjoyable future. It’s also a great idea to have your ears tested as part of your annual physical to be monitored by an audiologist.


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