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USPA Nationwide Security Company Review (2022)

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Many security professionals are familiar with USPA Nationwide Security.  The Miami-based company is a subsidiary of USPA International and specializes in providing traditional security guard services, fire watch, close protection and autonomous security technology. Our guide will help you learn more about its service line, costs, customer service, and ratings.

Choosing the right security company could help you protect your business, your family and assets, so pay close attention as you read our review of one of the best security guard companies in the market.

USPA Nationwide Security was founded in New York in 2005 and specializes in providing protective services throughout the United States and on 6 continents. 

In all, the company has provided service to private business, mostly traditional guards and fire watch within the USA, and their Titanium (VIP Security) service undertakes concierge-style bodyguard services to wealthy individuals in places like the Maldives and St. Thomas. According to a Forbes Magazine cover story in 2020, the company also donates up to 50% of their profits to charity. 

USPA also provides 24/7 services. However, its customer service live chat is open only Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Their toll-free phone is answered 24/7 and can put clientele in touch with field managers or the duty officer. The duty officer is the highest-ranking member on duty in the operations center in Midtown, Manhattan. 


17.5 years in business

Service line is deep -from security services all the up to witness protection 

Covers most of the USA with franchise offices. Coverage in all Caribbean Islands 

Veteran Owned. Woman Owned. Retired Law Enforcement Owned. 

Very Highly Reviewed. 4.9 with 300+ Verifiable Reviews across all platforms

Responsive. Calls answered and Live Chat operators are knowledgeable

Donates large percentage of profits to charity


Doesn’t service Eastern Europe any longer

Doesn’t offer Law Enforcement discounts 

Doesn’t accept paper checks as payment; only credit card, wire and ACH. 

USPA Nationwide Security Company Reviews

We researched the company’s online reputation and customer reviews. Overall, USPA has high ratings from customers. Many reviews mention the names of the personnel who helped them or managed their accounts.

Here’s an overview of the company’s ratings:

4.9 out of 5.0 stars on Google

4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Trust Pilot

No complaints located on Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Below are a few positive and their only negative review

“I have been using USPA as my security contractor for a few years now and their service is exceptional.  Dan and Brian are extremely attentive and always able to help with our last-minute projects that fall outside of our main service contract.  They provide exceptional oversight, and their communication could not be better.  I would fully endorse USPA for any project, whether it be short or long term.  This company has excellent values and always adheres to them. You will not be disappointed.”

Nick P. of National Convenience Distributors – via Google

“No words can adequately describe how grateful I and my family are for Dan and the rescue team at USPA. My sister in Ft Worth, TX reached out and Dan immediately responded, dispatched the team, and found our other sister in Ft Myers Beach after the devastating Hurricane Ian hit her directly. I am amazed at the bravery and dedication of these fine people. Thank you!” 

Bill Hazlett – via Google

“Dire emergency involving children.  Instant response.  Totally professional and reassuring.  Experts in accessing what needs to be done and how to do it.  Yes, you can trust them with your life!”

C. Stevens – via Google

“No follow-up from company despite multiple requests.”

Kyle via Google

Owner response: 

Good afternoon,

As our very first negative review in 17+ years, this has hit us hard. I’d like to apologize that your call or email wasn’t answered timely. Our records show that your request came during our rescues related to Hurricane Ian. If you search our media page or just google it, “USPA Nationwide Security Rescues Hurricane Ian” you’ll notice that we financed a philanthropic rescue operation and deployed all hands-on-deck to perform rescues of people trapped. That, in addition to an untimely tragedy within our family, led to a backlog in calls. You’ll see on our careers page, that long before this review, we placed a job post (Customer Service Specialist -Weekends) to alleviate our weekend backlog moving forward.

I understand that your review is related to our initial contact and not our service. We’d like to offer you a complimentary service to earn your future business. We will send you a private email as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about USPA Nationwide Security

What does USPA stand for? 

USPA stands for US Protection Agency.

What is the main customer service phone number for USPA Nationwide Security?

(800) 214-1448

How many security contractors work for USPA Nationwide Security?


Who is the CEO of USPA Nationwide Security?

Daniel Manning

Who is the Vice President of USPA Nationwide Security?

Brian Fitzgibbons

What is USPA Nationwide Security total yearly revenue?

$1 billion per year

Does USPA Nationwide Security really give their profits away?

Yes. USPA donates up to 50% of their profits since 2005. 

Is USPA Nationwide Security a Green Company?

Yes. USPA is a Certified Platinum Level Company wit the Green Business Bureau.

In an effort to provide accurate information to consumers, we collected data from dozens of sources consisting of Owler, Infotelligent, Dun and Bradstreet, Better Business Bureau, Green Business Bureau, Google, Bing, Trust Pilot, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal as well as other media outlets. 

Industry Standing: USPA is a top-rated security firm with an excellent reputation when compared to other companies of a similar size and scope.

Availability: 50 states, 16 countries, including all of the Caribbean.

Coverage: Security guards, fire watch, bodyguards, drones, secure transport, travel security, maritime security.

Customer Service: Highly rated and reviewed on Google. Calls were answered during business hours and at midnight when we called.

Technology: USPA invests in research, development and green initiatives, such as their AI security training program launched last month. 

Company Contact:

USPA Nationwide Security

601 Brickell Key Dr.

Ste 700

Miami, FL 33131

(800)  214-1448

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