Sunday, 16 June, 2024

Kamala Harris for VP? A Warning From the Coalition of American Veterans

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Coalition for American Veterans has weighed in on Biden’s choice for VP, this was their statement:

“As the Democratic National Convention convened this week, the Coalition for American Veterans issued the following statement:

“‘In picking Kamala Harris as his running mate, Joe Biden has confirmed the leftward drift of the Democratic Party.  Voters now have even more reasons to ‘Say NO to Joe’ on November 3rd.

“America’s veterans believe in liberty, freedom, and patriotism – but on issue after issue, Kamala Harris is too extreme, advocating policies that would harm our nation.

“Most veterans support the Second Amendment, but Kamala Harris is a strong advocate for restrictive gun control.  It’s no surprise that Harris gets a puny 7% rating by the National Rifle Association.

“Border security is a key element of defending our nation, a subject with which veterans are very familiar.  When people cross our borders in violation of U.S. law, that is a serious crime.  But Kamala Harris disagrees.  During the Democratic primary campaign, in a televised discussion of illegal immigration, she said ‘we’re not going to treat people who are undocumented and cross borders as criminals – that’s correct, that is correct.’

“The addition of Kamala Harris to the Democratic ticket is a warning sign to the American people.  During the Democratic primaries, Harris sharply criticized Biden for not being liberal enough, not being sufficiently opposed to racism, and not being sufficiently pro-abortion.  And as Biden’s running mate, she will make sure he keeps moving to the left.  Given Biden’s age and physical condition, let’s not forget that Harris would become President if Biden died in office or became incapacitated.

“Of course, there is one way to prevent such an outcome, and that is to ‘Say NO to Joe!’ on November 3rd, and for the American people to vote against the Biden-Harris ticket.”

Between now and Election Day, the Coalition for American Veterans is conducting a grassroots outreach effort to stand up for Veterans’ issues via videos, rallies, telephone town hall meetings, social media, phone calls, mailings, text messages, email alerts, and literature distribution.”

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