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Uniquely You: Unconventional Bucket List Experiences

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As the warm embrace of summertime envelopes you, there is an undeniable sense of wanderlust in the air. With longer days and a desire for adventure, we often turn to bucket lists for inspiration and motivation. However, the very idea of creating and pursuing a bucket list can sometimes feel intimidating. This article aims to debunk the mindset that the bucket lists we create are ​solely reserved for physical activities and travel, highlighting that they can encompass a range of experiences, including culinary delights and other non-traditional pursuits.

Unleashing Your Summer Spirit

Summer is a season that beckons us to explore, grow, and create cherished memories. It is a time when the world seems full of possibilities, and our dreams and aspirations become more vivid. This is where the idea of a bucket list comes into play, inviting you to embrace the season’s spirit and embark on adventures that enrich your life.

Overcoming Your Intimidations

The concept of a bucket list can be intimidating, especially when societal pressures and social media narratives often emphasize extreme physical activities and far-flung destinations. However, it’s crucial to remember that a bucket list is deeply personal and should reflect your unique interests and desires. The key is to break free from the fear of judgment and create a list that resonates with your true passions.

Expanding Your Horizons

While traditional bucket lists may focus on adrenaline-pumping activities and exotic travel, it is essential to recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You can tailor your bucket list to suit your preferences, including less physically demanding pursuits. For instance, dining at 5.8 at the Hurawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives, which is the world’s largest all-glass underwater restaurant located 5.8 meters under the sea!

Embracing food experiences on your bucket list can open a world of gastronomic wonders. It might involve trying new recipes, learning to cook a particular cuisine, or exploring local food markets. From farm-to-table dining experiences to wine tastings, the possibilities are endless. These food-centric adventures can connect you to diverse cultures, foster a deeper appreciation for various cuisines, and create lasting memories that nourish your body and soul.

Rediscovering Your Local

Bucket lists can extend beyond far-flung destinations. If you’re tight on budget and vacation time, rediscover the beauty of your local surroundings. Exploring nearby parks, hiking trails, and hidden gems within your community can offer a sense of wonder and discovery. It may involve visiting museums or historic sites or attending local art, music, or food festivals. By embracing the wonders of your immediate surroundings, you will develop a deeper connection with your local community and gain a fresh perspective of where you live.

Creating Your Blueprint

Amid summertime’s allure, bucket lists provide a roadmap to fulfilling experiences, personal growth, and cherished memories. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by societal expectations and conventional notions of bucket lists; it’s crucial to remember that you can broaden the scope and tailor it to your interests and passions. Expanding your horizons beyond physical activities and travel, you can embrace culinary adventures, local exploration, and an array of unique experiences that resonate with your soul. Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery, free from intimidation, that truly reflects who you are and what brings you joy?


Kimberly Evering, aka Gal on the Go, life has been a wild ride filled with many unforgettable adventures, like cycling more than 550 miles across New York State in seven days (two times) for cancer research! She also proudly served as a U.S. ambassador reporting at Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Paralympic Games for Alpine skiing and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi for ice hockey. However, Kimberly is most passionate about hosting Gal on the Go Unplugged™, a bi-weekly award-winning podcast series featuring interviews with women from all walks of life to empower others.

Life adventurer, cyclist, and podcaster Kimberly discusses experiences that influenced her and others and expected and unexpected life lessons. Her persona, Gal on the Go, organically grew from a blog she created to share her adventures in the hope of breaking down others’ barriers of intimidation in life. The blog evolved into a podcast aimed at empowering women through shared stories by women from all walks and stages of life. 

Kimberly Evering is a winner of a Silver Award for her podcast Gal on the Go Unplugged from Davey Awards for General Interview | Talk Show!

You can find out more about Kimberly at Or you can follow her free Gal on the Go Unplugged podcast at


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