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Michelle Cummings’ Commentary Feature on the Price of Business Digital Network

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Michelle is an Army veteran, who also served in the Tennessee and Alabama National Guard. She graduated as Honor Graduate from the Tennessee Military Academy and Officer Candidate School in 2003. In her role as a business owner in Huntsville, AL, she has worked closely with the Huntsville Police Department since 2006. She was a member of the Huntsville Community Watch Association Board for 4 years and continues to work closely with the Huntsville Police Department to this day. While working with the City of Huntsville, she trained as a Certified Civilian Response Team (CERT) member. Michelle has owned a number of successful businesses since 2006 and is committed to the security of her facilities as well as of the people who use them. Her commitment to this security goal made her mindful of the need for organizational security solutions for others. For this reason, she created a company to investigate every aspect of a company’s security plan and help them keep their people safe. Michelle is also an instructor and co-creator of the Hedge Security Solutions Situational Awareness Training Course.

About Hedge Security Solutions, LLC:

Hedge Security Solutions, LLC offers security solutions designed to enhance the safety of students, employees, volunteers, customers, and other individuals within organizations. The company emphasizes a proactive security approach, asserting that a strong offense serves as the best defense. By employing a multi-layered security strategy, Hedge Security Solutions LLC aims to fortify facilities effectively while avoiding the appearance of an impenetrable fortress. Additionally, the organization equips staff members with the necessary training to respond effectively in the event of a violent incident, significantly increasing their chances of survival during an active shooter situation.

Certifications held by Hedge Security Solutions, LLC include recognition as Professional Designation Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Site-Security Assessors by the National Institute of Crime Prevention. Furthermore, the company is certified by the American Crime Prevention Institute as both Security Assessment Specialists and School Security Specialists.

The primary mission of Hedge Security Solutions, LLC is to empower schools, businesses, houses of worship, and other organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to save lives. Emphasizing collaborative efforts, the company guides organizations in developing security plans tailored to their specific needs, thereby providing them with greater peace of mind. By supplying the necessary resources and support, Hedge Security Solutions ensures that students, teachers, employees, staff, patrons, congregants, and vendors all benefit from enhanced safety measures.

Hedge Security Solutions, LLC offers a comprehensive range of services, including Security Site Assessments, Situational Awareness Training, A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Training, and Stop The Bleed Training. Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, the company provides both in-person classes and convenient online courses. Additionally, Hedge Security Solutions offers armed and unarmed security officer services for facilities requiring such personnel.


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