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Awakening Through Understanding: The 3 Principles Coaching Perspective

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Throughout the annals of history, various teachings and philosophies have sought to explain the human condition. The Gnostics, for instance, painted vivid pictures of external forces influencing human fate. In contrast, the 3 principles coaching approach offers a more empowering perspective, emphasising our beliefs and thoughts’ pivotal role in shaping our experiences.


The mind, with its vast array of thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, has the power to create both barriers and bridges. Recognising this, the 3 principles coaching approach seeks to illuminate the mind’s intricacies, guiding individuals towards greater self-understanding. By delving into how our minds can create certain perceptions, the coaching process aims to dissolve limiting beliefs, replacing them with more empowering narratives.


The overarching message of this approach is straightforward: understanding our minds can be a powerful tool for personal growth and well-being. By taking ownership of our thoughts and beliefs, we can navigate life’s challenges with greater resilience, clarity, and purpose. No longer are we at the mercy of external forces or limiting narratives. Instead, with the help of knowledge and understanding, we design our own destiny.


In a world filled with external distractions and challenges, the 3 principles coaching offer a beacon of hope. By turning inward and recognising the power of our thoughts, we can embark on a transformative journey, reclaiming our innate abilities and potential.


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Dr. Terry McIvor is the founder of the International  Guild of Hypnotherapy,NLP and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers. (IGH3P)

IGH3P  is a professional development body which develops the skills of coaches, Hypnotherapist and NLPers.

He is an educationalist of over 20 years experience and has been accredited as a STEM and Science expert at level 6 and 7 by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OFQUAL) in the U.K.

Dr. Terry is also an NLP trainer, Master Hypnotist, a qualified Hypnotherapist  and 3 Principles Coach.

He is trainer for most of the leading hypnosis professional bodies in the U.S including IACT, ICBCH,IMDHA, and the Elman Institute,

Dr. Terry has set up his own accredited STEM school in the U.K. called AISR, it is through his academy he conducts his teaching and research.

Dr. Terry has entered into the realm of Metaphysical Philosophy. and is currently adapting metaphysical ideas of consciousness to train metaphysical( Quantum) coaches of the future.

Learn more at You can email him at

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