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Tulsa Remote Creates New Opportunities for Virtual Workers

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The city of Tulsa is looking to attract young, talented, and energetic individuals to its program, Tulsa Remote, which pays people to move to the area and work remotely. Participants will receive $10,000 in cash, free co-working space, community events, and deals on apartments. To date, more than 20,000 people have applied for the program. For more information, visit

The Tulsa Remote program is one of the largest programs of its kind in the country. Those interested in applying must be US citizens and have a remote job outside Oklahoma. Tulsa has since added more than 600 new remote workers. The city’s strategic move came at a good time, as the coronavirus accelerated the nature of remote work for white-collar workers.

Tulsa Remote is designed to help remote workers relocate and establish a new company in Tulsa. The program hopes that some of its new members will eventually start their own businesses in Tulsa and permanently move there. The George Kaiser Family Foundation is funding the program, and it plans to spend between $250,00 and $50000 on around twenty new recipients this year. While there is no hard limit, the program has received a positive response from both locals and remote workers.

The city of Tulsa paid people $10,000 to move there and work remotely, and the results are promising. Although the pandemic has hampered some, they hope to see many  become part of the Tulsa community. The city is a great place to live and work, and many people who have moved there have reported success with the program.  

Tulsa has a relatively low cost of living compared to other U.S. cities. The average house price in Tulsa is about four percent lower than the national average, and its livability score is sixty percent higher than that of New York City. Tulsa’s business climate is conducive to remote workers, so the city’s tax base and economic growth is an added bonus.

This program focuses on the remote workforce and offers free membership in a co-working space, 36 Degrees North.. The facility charges $149 a month. Using remote services is a growing segment of the workforce, according to a recent report from Upwork. In fact, 63 percent of companies already have some remote workers. Some even predict that 38 percent of full-time employees will work primarily or completely remotely.

The program is clearly working, Fast Company reports “All told, Tulsa Remote is estimated to have contributed $62 million in new labor income to the local economy in 2021. 

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