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Protecting Your Business From the Five “D’s:” Death, Disability, Disagreement, Divorce, and Distress:

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In the world of business, safeguarding against potential risks is paramount for long-term success. Robert Gardner CEPA, CFEd®, and Partner at Gardner Wallace Financial Solutions specializes in guiding business owners through strategies to mitigate risks effectively and achieve financial stability. Central to his approach is addressing the Five “D’s.” Mr. Gardner emphasizes the importance of proactive planning to minimize the impact of these potential challenges and poses critical questions like the ones below to ensure his clients have robust contingency plans in place:


1. If you were in an unexpected accident that tragically ended your life:

  • Who would your family turn to for guidance in the event of your untimely death?
  • Have you designated beneficiaries for your assets and life insurance policies?
  • Is there a comprehensive contingency plan in place for the business, including succession planning and buy-sell agreements?
  • What obligations does the business have to your estate, and how does this affect voting rights and asset distribution?


2. If you were disabled due to a stroke:

  • Do your loved ones know where to find important documents if you were to become disabled?
  • Have you appointed a power of attorney to make decisions regarding your medical, personal, and financial affairs?
  • Are passwords and access to important information shared with trusted individuals to manage your financial obligations?


3. If there were a disagreement with your business owner:

  • Are mechanisms in place to resolve conflicts effectively?
  • How would disputes with business owners impact your interests in the company?


4. If your spouse were to announce his or her intention to end the marriage:

  • Is there a prenuptial agreement in place to protect the business?
  • What measures have been taken to shield the business from potential legal ramifications?


5. Last, do you have insurance in place to cover a business interruption?

  • Is your business adequately insured against interruptions for unforeseen events, such as data breaches, supply chain disruptions, pandemics, and the loss of a key employee?
  • Have contingency plans been established to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity?


By addressing these critical questions and implementing comprehensive risk management strategies, business owners can safeguard their enterprises against the unforeseen challenges posed by the Five “D’s”. Robert Gardner and his team at Gardner Wallace Financial Solutions provide invaluable expertise and guidance to help clients navigate these complex issues and achieve long-term financial security.



About Robert Gardner:

Robert Gardner CEPA, CFEd ®, and Partner at Gardner Wallace Financial Solutions in Addison, Texas. He works with business owners to help them mitigate business risks, become more efficient in their business and their personal financial plans, and visualize how to get on track to reach their financial goals.  As part of Gardner Wallace’s services, Mr. Gardner’s firm offers succession planning, contingency planning, key employee retention, and key employee attraction strategies. safety accidents, pandemics, and the loss of a key employee.


About the Author

James J. Talerico, Jr. is an award-winning author, speaker, and a nationally recognized small to mid-sized (SMB) business expert.

With more than thirty- (30) years of diversified business experience, Jim has a solid track record and an A+ BBB rating helping thousands of business owners across the US and in Canada tackle tough business problems to improve the performance of their organizations.

His client success stories have been highlighted in the Wall St. JournalDallas Business JournalChicago Daily Herald, and on MSNBC’s Your Business. He was named “Texas Business Consulting CEO of the Year,” by CEO Today Magazine, identified as a “Top 10 Management Consulting Entrepreneur to Watch in 2023” by Entrepreneur Magazine, was listed among the “10 Most Visionary Companies to Watch in 2023” by Inc. Magazine, and has also been ranked among the “Top Small Business Consultants” followed on Twitter.

For more than half a decade, Jim was a regular guest on “The Price of Business,” a nationally syndicated radio program on Bloomberg Talk Radio and has also appeared as a subject matter expert on many FOX Radio interviews. He is a regular contributor to several blog sites and has frequently been quoted in publications like the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Entrepreneur’s Review, and on, in addition to numerous, other industry publications, radio broadcasts, business books, and Internet media.

Jim received a Gold “Stevie Award” for “Thought Leader of the Year,” a Gold “Stevie Award” for “Media Hero of the Year During Covid” and a Bronze “Stevie Award” for “Best Entrepreneur” in the Category of “Business and Professional Services” at the American Business Awards ® in New York City. The competition received more than 3,700 nominations and is the premier accolade for business excellence in the US honoring organizations of all sizes and industries. Jim also received an “Outstanding Leadership Award” at the Money 2.0 Conference for his contributions to the financial services industry.

Jim is the author of “8 Steps to Becoming an ETHICS FOCUSED ORGANIZATION,”™ a small business certification program that utilizes a unique eight – (8) step approach for strengthening ethics in any organization. The certification program won the Better Business Bureau’s “Torch Award for Ethics” for the North – Central Texas Region, the Better Business Bureau’s “International Torch Award for Ethics,” and a Gold “Stevie Award” for “Ethics in Sales” at the International Sales & Customer Service Stevie Awards ®. Participants who complete this certification program are eligible to receive eight – (8) continuing education units from the University of Texas’ Division of Enterprise Development.

He received his Certified Business Exit Consultant (CBEC) ® designation from The International Exit Planning Association (IEPA) to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, family businesses, and middle market companies maximize their business exit, and he is certified in succession planning from the ASPE.

He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) ® and an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants. The Certified Management Consultant ® mark is awarded by the Institute of Management Consultants USA (IMC USA) and represents evidence of the highest standards of consulting, a commitment to continuous development, and an adherence to the ethical canons of the profession. Less than 1% of all consultants in the world are Certified Management Consultants (CMC) ®

Jim has a B.A. in English & World Literature from Rutgers University, a B.S. in Business Administration from Thomas A. Edison University, and he is in the process of completing his M.B.A. from the University of Texas – Arlington.



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